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Friday, December 10, 2010

FIX: Samsung Intrepid (Windows Mobile 6.5) Freezes and Unresponsive

11:11 AM Posted by Tyson Nero No comments
If you own a Samsung Intrepid and the device is constantly freezing and unresponsive, you may have an issue with a known bug regarding the XbuttonSetting. This bug affects tmail.exe and causes the phone to freeze for up to several minutes when closing the Messaging window.

Please following the below steps to correct:
  1. Go to Start > Settings > System > XbuttonSetting
    • Click Windows Button to go to the Start screen
    • Click Settings
    • Click System
    • Click XbuttonSetting
  2. Uncheck Enable to end running programs by tapping "X"
  3. Restart your device
Now, go into Messaging and try closing it using the “ok” button. You should no longer experience any hanging. If you still have difficulties, ensure the checkbox is not enabled under the XbuttonSetting.

The implications of disabling the X button are that your programs may continue to run after exiting. You may need to visit the Task Manager from time to time to free up any used memory.