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Friday, March 22, 2013

Organization Just Doesn't End With Code

10:49 AM Posted by Tyson Nero No comments

This morning, as I reached into my dishwasher to put some more items in, I noticed a broken glass. It seems all the items on the top shelf weren't loaded in an organized manner, and a coffee mug handle had been pushed into a glass when an unnamed person tried to overload the area.

Well, I proceeded to remove the broken glass and reorganize the top shelf to avoid any other catastrophes of such magnitude. Then, I noticed my finger was bleeding and the situation was brought to a whole other level.

Several minutes later, my unnamed spouse entered the room to notice the broken glass, a reorganized dishwasher, and some bloodshed on a few other items in the dishwasher. With a quick glance she turned to me and said:

“Maybe if you hadn't reorganized the dishwasher, you wouldn't have got blood on everything.”


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