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Monday, March 18, 2013

Simple Reverse Iterations in C#

11:05 AM Posted by Tyson Nero 1 comment
There are some situations that require the use of iterating in reverse. It's not such a hard concept to iterate backwards, however, there are cases where using the syntax of a for loop isn't the most satisfactory method. Thankfully, in .NET 3.5 the Reverse() extension method was added, which allows you to simply use a for each in cases where you want minimal code pollution such as an ASP.NET MVC view.

Let's say you have this simple array:

 string[] names = { "Barry", "Bob", "Bill" };  

Here is an example of using a for loop to do a traditional reverse iteration:

 for (int i = names.Length - 1; i >= 0; i--)  

Now, here's an example of using the .NET 3.5 Linq extension:

 foreach (var name in names.Reverse())  

Note: Using the Reverse() method is actually slower. So, use with caution when speed at the lowest level is not a factor.

1 comment:

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