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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Setting up Google Voicemail on the Nexus 5 (Sprint) to Fix Notifications

8:24 AM Posted by Tyson Nero , , 11 comments
With the release of the Nexus 5, we have seen a few major issues one of which being that voicemail notifications do not show on the phone after new voicemails have been received. This problem (reported here: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/nexus/WDTLO-IoJeU%5B126-150-false%5D) seems to be affecting multiple carriers without a solid fix in place.

Some Nexus 5 users have stated that the issue was resolved in the 4.4.1 Android update while others have been able to factory reset their phones to resolve the problem. However, the majority of users have been left in limbo.

One viable option is to allow Google to host your voicemail via Google Voice. If your not familiar with Google Voice, here are a list of features: http://www.google.com/googlevoice/about.html. You can either fully integrate the complete service with your phone, or simply make use of the voicemail features. We are going to walk through setting up voicemail alone using the Sprint network.

Setting Up Google voicemail on the Nexus 5
  1. Login to your Google Voice account (https://www.google.com/voice‎), click the gear icon, and click Settings.
  2. Under the Phones tab, click the Add (another) phone link and walk through the steps as prompted.
  3. Disable call forwarding in case it was already enabled. 
    1. Go back to the Phones tab if you have been navigated away and click the Edit button under your phone.
    2. Beside the Forwarding Options label, click the Deactivate link and follow the instructions within the popup.
  4. Install Google Voice from the Play Store on your Nexus 5 if not already installed.
  5. Open Google Voice on your Nexus 5, and select "skip" if prompted to integrate with your carrier.
  6. Follow the steps to setup Google voicemail, and make sure you select "don't use Google Voice to make any calls" when prompted. 
  7. You will be prompted to configure your phone by dialing a certain code (this is for conditional call forwarding). 
  8. Go back to your Google Voice account and check everything is setup.
Issues with Dial Pad

The dial page should call your Google voicemail when holding down the 1 key. If you experience issues with your dial pad calling your carrier voicemail instead, follow these steps.
  1. Tap the phone icon to open your Dialer. 
  2. Tap the setting icon in the bottom right hand of the screen, and select Settings > Call settings
  3. Under Other Call Settings, select Voicemail
  4. Select Service, and confirm Google Voice is selected
  5. Select Setup then tap the Voicemail number
  6. Follow the instructions, and most importantly hit OK
  7. You should be prompted that the number has been updated
  8. Go to the dial pad, hold the 1 key, and verify it calls Google voicemail


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